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masterYou love peace.Naïm Favier2 weeks
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2020-03-18You love peace.HEADmasterNaïm Favier
2020-02-18Nobody knows the trouble I've been.Naïm Favier
2020-01-29You have no real enemies.Naïm Favier
2019-12-26Youth. It's a wonder that anyone ever outgrows it.Naïm Favier
2019-11-23Price's Advice:Naïm Favier
2019-11-23A mushroom cloud has no silver lining.Naïm Favier
2019-11-20Your password is pitifully obvious.Naïm Favier
2019-11-20Paranoia is simply an optimistic outlook on life.Naïm Favier
2019-11-10If we all work together, we can totally disrupt the system.Naïm Favier
2019-11-10... I want a COLOR T.V. and a VIBRATING BED!!!Naïm Favier