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masterLove means nothing to a tennis player.Naïm Favier3 months
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2020-04-08Love means nothing to a tennis player.HEADmasterNaïm Favier
2020-04-08If it ain't broke, don't fix it.Naïm Favier
2020-04-08Love is in the offing. -- The Homicidal ManiacNaïm Favier
2020-04-06If your aim in life is nothing, you can't miss.Naïm Favier
2020-04-05Truth can wait; he's used to it.Naïm Favier
2020-04-05Someone is speaking well of you. How unusual!Naïm Favier
2020-03-18You love peace.Naïm Favier
2020-02-18Nobody knows the trouble I've been.Naïm Favier
2020-01-29You have no real enemies.Naïm Favier
2019-12-26Youth. It's a wonder that anyone ever outgrows it.Naïm Favier